May  - Wellness Massage
For Body and Mind
The root word symbolize foot pressure
and is an ancient form of bodywork.
Ashiatsu Therapy, sometimes referred
to as barefoot Shiatsu,meaning that the
therapist is shoeless, and that the
principles of Shiatsu, the technique which
focuses on pressure points, are utilized in
the massage.  Traditional barefoot
Ashiatsu has been performed in Asia on a
floor mat for 3,000 years.
This deep compression on the soft tissue around
the joints is performed with smooth, flowing,
gliding deep foot pressure.  
Ashiatsu combines the best elements of
traditional Thai massage, barefoot shiatsu from
Japan and Keralite massage from southern India.  

There are not that many places in Germany that make this kind of massage, but
Munich and Starnberg have the good luck of having someone who does it!!.
Ashiatsu by May in Munich
Ashiatsu by Mai in Munich
In traditional Ashiatsu, the client lies on the floor nude and covered by a towel  while the practitioner
walks across his or her back, using the feet to target specific pressure points. This unique deep
pressure work, using the pressure of the therapist's feet on strategic points along the back and spine,
a certain effect is created on the soft tissue that surrounds the muscles and inter-vertebral disc
space and are applied to all areas of the back using hand and foot pressure to milk the muscles, open
chakras and release toxins. This treatment induces deep relaxation, relieves tight muscles and  
stimulate the body's own self-healing capabilities.
points/meridians. The work is effective and
clients will often feel the work deeply in their
muscles, internal organs, and bones.
"The deepest, most luxurious massage on the