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Ayurvedic Massage in Munich and Starnberg

The benefits are:
Traditional Ayurvedic texts wax eloquent on the benefits.
Here's what one says - Give yourself a full body oil massage on
a daily basis. It is nourishing, relieves fatigue, provides stamina,
perfect sleep, enhances the complexion and the luster of the
skin, promotes longevity and nourishes all parts of the body.
Healing herbs are important in Ayurveda. Herbalized massage oils contain a blend of carefully chosen herbs
known for their ability to strengthen the physiology and balance the mind. So the daily massage with an herbalized
massage oil has twice the beneficial power: the benefits from the massage and the wisdom of the herbs.
Abhyanga massage is a gentle but firm whole body massage from head to toe using warm medicated oils. Oils
are chosen according to the prakruti (psychosomatic constitution) and the illness.
Marma massage involves full body massage with warm medicated oil
and stimulating or massaging the
Marma points on the body. According
to physosomatic constitution or disease, different oils are selected for
Marma massage. This kind of massage stimulates / generates the own
energy resources and gives the person more vital energy . It removes
blockages from the Marma points giving physical and psychological
relaxation and strength. Regular Marma massage protects from vata
disorders nourishes body, extends life span, provides good sleep,
improves physical stability. Stimulating or massaging the Marma points
gives benefits to the area of that location and improves the function of the
connecting organs.
Indian Head Massage has been practised in India for over 1000 years.
Traditionally the techniques were restricted to the head and hair, to
improve scalp and hair condition of Indian women. Nowadays a system in
Munich is incorporating the upper back, shoulders, neck, upper arms and
face, has evolved  in the belief that by treating these  energy centres the
whole body can benefit.
Indian Head Massage is a safe, accessible, and convenient therapeutic treatment that can provide instant relief
from tension and stress symptoms and induce a state of calm, peace and tranquillity and also promote high levels
of alertness and concentration.

This simple yet effective therapy uses a variety of techniques to manipulate soft tissue. It is performed with the
client in a seated position, usually through light clothing and without the use of oils. The therapist uses a range of
different massage pressures and rhythms to stimulate the head, neck, upper back and shoulder area. A typical
massage will last between 25 and 30 minutes.
The therapeutic oil massage
•        Increased circulation, especially to nerve ending
•        Improves the vision
•        Toning of the muscles and the whole physiology
•        Increased levels of stamina through the day
•        Calming for the nerves
•        Better, deeper sleep at night
•        Lubrication of the joints
•        Protects from stress, anxiety, exhaustion and Vata
•        Increased mental alertness
•        Nourishes the body and extends the life span
•        Improved elimination of impurities from the body
Ayurvedic Acupressure Massage
Marma Ayurvedic Massage by May in Munich
Prana is a vital energy, Prana pervades each and every corner of the body, it nourishes, guides and controls the
functioning of the cell and systems. when these
MARMA (junctions) are affected or ruptured ,the organs linked
with Prana channels become starved with lack of Prana and some organ becomes diseased, crippled or paralyzed
or depending upon the quantum of Prana is being lost, it may lead to slow or sudden death.  
Marma is the meeting
point 'where the Prana is present. This is similar with Chinese meridian concept in which the points appear either on
signal meridian line or at meeting points of different meridian.  The knowledge of
marma can be classified in
following fields -In Martial art and welfare, in surgical importance, medical importance -in the management of
disease and in the diagnosis of illness There are total 107 Marma in the body. In Tamilian traditions they are 108
Marma points, and in kalari tradition hey are 365 Marma points.
Marma Ayurvedic Massage by May in Munich
Indian Head Massage
Indian Head Massage by May in Munich
Indian Head Massage by May in Munich

Indian Head Massage provides relief from aches and pains, promotes a healthy scalp and hair, induces
relaxation and a feeling of well-being.
Ayurvedic Massage by May in Munich
The word Marma used with meanings as tender, secret or vital places. There
are certain anatomical locations in the body which are vital, and serve as
small pockets of Prana, thus any injury to these parts can be painful and
cripple the local functions or even lead to sudden death of the individual. They
are junctions of different channels of Prana movements in the body.

•        General and specific relaxation of muscles, providing  immediate relief.
•        Fibrous adhesions (knots and nodules) can be broken down.
•        Loosening of the scalp.
•        Relaxation of the whole body.
•        Dispersal of toxins from tense, knotted muscles
•        Improved circulation of blood and increased oxygen uptake.
•        Stimulation and improvement of the circulation of the lymphatic system.
•        Help in the relief of eyestrain and tension headaches.
•        Excellent for disturbed sleep and insomnia.
•        Help with mental tiredness and tension.
•        Improved concentration.
•        Relief from mental and emotional stress.