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Baby Massage
For babies, children, parents and carers
Gestures are part of human comunication. When the babies still
can´t talk they use non-verbal elements to comunicate with the
outer world. Baby and infant massage helps to strengthen that
The Benefits

Neurological System: :
Touch is the sense the new born use to receive information from the outer world. Massage improves the capacity to
receive stimuly.  

Inmunological System:
Stress and emotional insecurity  creates a decline of the organism´s defenses. In that way the relaxing action of the
massage helps to strengthen and stimulate them.  

Gastrointestinal System:
In cases of colicy and flatulence, massage can help to aliviate the pain and uncomfortable feelings.

Circulatory System:
The movements during the massage that go from the limbs to the centre of the body help to the returning of the blood to
the heart and produce a tonificant effect. The movements from the body to the end of the limbs produce a relaxing effect
and improve the oxigenation of the limbs.  

Muscular System:
Massage dissolves tensional knots, whether they are physical or emotional.  In the case of premature babies, massage
helps to increase their tolerance to the sense of touch in a soft and gradual way. In such cases it is also important to
listen to the baby and to follow the rhythm their reactions show.
This old indian technique, where is transmited from generation to generation, has also benefits in the different systems
of the organism.

Infant and baby massage creates afective and emotional bondings, and also has physical benefits:
Baby Massage of mother to her baby in Munich
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Baby Massage Mai Munich
There are unfortunate results that happen when the attention fails. Infant massage is one of the most pleasurable and
easy methods to make the first positive and affectionate contact.

And also: It regulates the respiratory and excretory system. It provoques the secretion of the growth hormones
stimulating the endocrine system. Hidrates and tonifies the skin.
Psico-emotional Benefits:
It is a gift between parents and baby. Boost communication and respect. Helps to
growth the affective bonding parents-child. It creates an environment and an attitude
of affective security, of mutual listening and the growth of the self-esteem of parents
and baby. Stimulates self-awareness. Helps to improve the relationships in the family.
Helps to accept the child as it is. Emotional freedom of parents and babies.
among many other things, the communication, the body consciousness, and the relationship of trust and
security. Infant massage gives important to the respect, to know if the child gives us autorization to start,
and listening, to interpretate their answer and to acept it, being this one the one we wanted or not wanted.

* Relaxation.
* Makes baby feel loved.
* Promotes better sleep.
* Facilitates body awareness.
* Boosts immune system.
* Sensory stimulation.
* Improves skin condition.
* Improves blood circulation.
* Helps digestion.
* Balances respiration.
* Relief for teething pains.
* Helps waste elimination.
* Helps you learn about your baby (their needs and desires).
* Relaxes parents.
* Helps build parents' and baby's self-esteem.
* Pleasurable experience.
* Stimulates production of oxytocin (oxytocin is a hormone which can be produced by both male and
female persons
during massage). It is useful as a pain reliever and has a calming effect on the person.