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Hot Stones
This very ancient way of healing, the art of stone therapy  relaxes the body at its
deepest level and is effective in creating harmony and balanced energy flow.

The subtle energies of stones are known to promote a meditative state of quietude
and calm . Stones formed by sedimentary and volcanic action are very effective. The
thermal conduction of the stones brings about local and systemic changes in the
body, influencing the energy centres, balancing both body and mind.
The energies of the stones and the universal energy assist
the balancing of the body’s internal energy flow (chi). The
heat from the stones increases your heart rate and helps to
regulate blood flow. It also helps to rid the muscles of toxic
waste products, which builds up from stress and bad
lifestyle habits. Stiff joints benefit from the penetrating heat,
making this an excellent choice after exercise or any
physical work.
Hot Stones Massage by Mai in Munich
Volcanic Stones and Chakra Stones. Hot stones Massage by Mai in Munich
This treatment is both relaxing and revitalising and is said to clear the body's energy channels to promote wellbeing and
good health.