Who is the Masseuse / Counselor ?

May or Mai spent several years in Asia studying
and practising different therapeutic massages
learning Thai Massage in the Traditional Hospital of
Chiang Mai, in Thailand; Ayurvedic Massage in schools
in India like Rishikesh, Varanasi, Pune, Pondicherry
and of course, Kerala; Reiki with the Himalayan School
in Kathmandu, Nepal; and studied for some time
Shiatsu in Kyoto, Japan.
In Pune, took part in courses like Rebalancing Massage, Chakra Healing, Shamanic Energy Work, and many other
therapeutic workshops.

Also studied the Four Tantras of Traditional Tibetan Medicine with Tsering Tackchoe Drungtso of Men-Tsee-Khang
in Dharamsala, North of India.

To deepen her healing techniques she exchanged knowledge with shamans in Mexico and Guatemala from whom
she also learnt energy work, the art of stones and crystal healing, tarot cards reading and aura reading. Also, she
did a seminar in "Psychic Development" with Innermind Development  Institute (J.Licauco) in the Philippines and
continued learning and sharing with various Philippine Healers.

In Europe, she upgraded her studies in the West London School of Therapeutic Massage, Body Basics and the
Clare Maxwell-Hudson School, amongst other schools in London, UK,
and also in the Wittlinger Vodder School of
Walchsee, Austria, and with IAIM (International Asociation of Infant Massage) in Barcelona, Spain.

In Germany, she did another course in Clairvoyance with the Akademie Für Heilpädagogische Parapsychologie of
Karin Vetter, a workshop in Intuition with Kira Kai, from Australia, and as Heilpraktiker für Psichoterapie, Hypnosis
and Parapsychology.
Her diplomas are internationally recognized
Now she works in Munich and Starnberg, Germany, with massage and as counselor. She wrote the book
"Unconditional. Based in the true story of a metanoia".